Thundershowers for Festivals, Concerts, and Events

Summertime means there are a host of multiday events, camps, and music festivals. With many festivals, part of the fun and experience is camping with your friends and family right next to the venue! Camping puts you right next to the action, saves costs on transportation to and from the event, and creates memories with your friends that last a lifetime. But the main downside of camping, be it at a festival or in the woods, is the lack of a decent shower. Sometimes festivals do have communal showers, but they often are small and cramped experiences, or they are unable to provide hot water for the volume of people using the showers.   Continue reading

How We Respond

For any outdoor and upscale event to be as successful and go according to plan, arrangements for mobile bathrooms and shower trailers to be there is a necessity. You might argue that the venue handpicked for your event have their own restrooms, but will it be enough for the number of guests planning to attend your event? 

Whether you’re planning a musical concert, camping trip, wedding, company retreat, festivals, construction, or government-themed events, a reputable mobile restroom service is what you need to cater to your needs.  

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Our Equipment

Thunder Showers is a reputable and leading service tasked with providing mobile bathrooms, shower trailers, holding tanks, sinks, freshwater service, porta-potties, temporary power, and portable restrooms across 35,000 cities across the US.  

Our services cut across industrial, residential, construction, privates and government purposes, and we pride ourselves in delivering the best facilities to match various individualized needs.  

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