Thunder Showers for Those in Need

We have all seen stories that restore our faith in humanity when we see people performing random acts of kindness to help those who are less fortunate. It lifts our spirits to see barbers, police officers, and many other individuals taking time out of their day to help homeless or struggling individuals clean up with a shave and a haircut for a job interview, enjoy a hot meal, or give them the shirt of their back.

Hundreds of other heartwarming stories can be found of individuals going out of their way to help another human who is down on their luck, but for every person’s random act of kindness, there are ten more people wondering how they can make an impact in their community.

Something as simple as a warm, clean shower can boost the spirit of an individual. This is what Thunder Showers strives to provide. Thunder Showers is a mobile self-contained showering service created by Phoenix native Jack Horner. More than just a stall with a tarp or a small room with freezing cold water, Thunder Showers is a 10-stall trailer complete with five outside sinks with hot and cold water, mirrors, and soap dispensers. There are private rooms for changing areas, each with a bench and hooks for your clothes. Thunder Showers are also heated and air conditioned, depending on the season.

Thunder Showers allows an individual to have a luxury shower experience that is often only associated with homes or hotels. Even if there is not a power or water source available, Thunder Showers has a generator and a 1300-gallon water tank on board along with 600 gallons of fresh water. This amount of water can provide showers for hundreds of people over the span of just a few hours!

In August, Thunder Showers partnered with the Human Cross Project at the Human Service Campus to provide showers for more than 200 people in just four hours! While Thunder Showers provided the shower trailer for the day, the Human Cross project funded all other supplied and associated costs for the day. Thunder Showers is happy to partner with organizations that provide supplies and services for the less fortunate and will show up with their portable shower.

Think about how much a hot shower can change your mood after a hard day. Wouldn’t it be amazing to provide that for someone who hasn’t had a hot shower in days, perhaps months? With the ability to travel to different locations, Thunder Showers can help communities do a little bit more for their less fortunate members. For corporations looking for community involvement, sponsoring an event geared towards the homeless and bringing in Thunder Showers is a great opportunity.

If you are a community planner, government official, church organization, nonprofit, or individual looking for a way to give back to the less fortunate in your community, consider Thunder Showers. We travel to wherever you need (one of the many perks of a portable shower)! Please contact us today to request a quote to bring our showers to your community.

*Image courtesy of AZ Central


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