Disasters, particularly from a natural cause, do not only take affected areas by surprise but often leave destruction at its wake. If you haven’t been directly affected by this, you must’ve have seen heard, seen, or read about it.  

The survivors of these catastrophic events bear the brunt of it all. The pain of the loss of lives and properties will fill them up to points of despair.

Disastrous events often raise demand for restrooms and basic sanitary facilities. And that’s where shower trailers come in.  

Shower trailers are vans equipped with shower fittings and accessories to cater to relief officers, and stranded individuals who have been affected by disasters. Depending on the client specifications, these showers can vary in the number and size of restrooms.  

How can these shower trailers be used during disasters? 

Provide relief to victims of hurricanes.  

When a hurricane hits land, carrying a huge mass of storm surge, it destroys everything in its path, leaving the whole area flooded. The residents are automatically displaced and sent to relief camps by health and rescue organizations.  

These displaced persons, and indeed the relief officers, need to be treated to clean running hot or cold water, flushing toilets, air-conditioning and heating, and so on.  

Shower trailers are most efficient to provide such needs. Depending on the size of the displaced, these shower trailers can accommodate a large number of survivors comfortably and remain operational.  

Provide Comfort to survivors of wildfires.  

More often than not, we see wildfires sweeping from the forests into residential areas, prompting people to pack up and leave.  

When rescue organizations move these people to emergency relief camps far from the fiery damage wrought upon their homes, the demand for clean water will increase.  

A fully operational shower trailer can cater to the many needs of displaced persons, by providing hot or cold water, a decent bath and air conditioning. 

While the Fire Service fights to put an end to the fire, the displaced persons will feel a sense of comfort over at the camps.  



Provides relief to earthquake survivors 

No one wants to be there when an earthquake occurs. The destruction caused by quakes takes several years to be repaired.  

While rescue operations are carried out to scurry affected individuals to safety, they need access to portable water supply for a bath.  

A shower trailer is ideal for earthquake relief camps where its services will be readily utilized by both displaced persons and, of course, the relief officers.  


Disasters can happen at any time, that’s why you need a shower trailer that is available will make all the difference.  

Mesa Waste Services is a pace-setter in delivering mobile restrooms, bathrooms, sinks, shower trailers for hire. With a huge clientele base that cuts across all sectors, we are what you need.  

We run a guaranteed 24/7 service and are always available to deliver our mobile vans to areas of emergencies nationwide. Make the right choice today. Contact Mesa Waste Services. 


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