There’s this thing about emergencies: it can happen at anytime, anyplace and anywhere! Often times, there are indicators that something is going to happen. Red flags, we like to call them. 

But these red flags are barely noticeable. Like in a movie where something unfortunate is about to happen, but the actors do not observe until it does, and then, chaos.

While it’s fun to watch the actors scurry about searching for solutions, no one wants to truly, physically experience that.  

Hence, it’s always better to plan ahead and nip this emergency in the bud, so to speak. By responding accordingly, there won’t be any cause for alarm or chaos.  

For any event to work according to plan, there must be a backup service readily available to swing into action when plan A fails. And yes, we are discussing Shower Trailers.  

Shower trailers are a necessity for emergency response and this article will briefly explain how it can be used 

Showers trailers are mobile vehicles equipped with shower accessories, providing users with a comfortable shower experience. They are best suited for events far away from residential areas, sporting activities, construction sites, marathons, camping trips, and lots more. 

Depending on the guest size and the event in question, these shower trailers come different sizes and features.  

How can these shower trailers be used for emergency response? 

Providing immediate comforts to your guests  

If you’re planning an upscale party, you’d realize you will need additional restrooms and showers for the guests you’re inviting. The restrooms in the event hall or park you’re using may not be enough to take care of your many guests.  

A lot of event organizers have often overlooked this crucial aspect and end up with dissatisfied guests.  

It is important to have a functional trailer nearby to cater to the needs of your guests. Depending on your budget, you can rent a shower trailer with additional features that your guests will love. They will thank you for it. 



Offers comfort when remodeling your home.  

If you’re planning to remodel your home, your family is going to face discomfort. And that’s when you need to act fast and get a shower trailer ready. The fact is, you cannot make trips to a local gas station every time someone has to take a leak or bath.  

With a shower trailer close by, your family will not feel the pang of losing their bathroom. Depending on your family size, you can hire a trailer that is really spacious and comfortable for your family, while you focus on remodeling your home.  

Provide relief for disaster victims 

Shower trailers are most ideal by disaster relief organizations for stranded residents during a disaster.  

Survivors of disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and floods need access to hot or cold running water and a fully operational sanitary shed.  

A shower trailer, depending on its size, can accommodation a huge number of stranded individuals till a permanent solution can be established. It is a necessity for every disaster relief center to have shower trailers.   


The importance of shower trailers cannot be overstated. While it’s necessary to have a trailer if the case of an emergency, it is crucial to hire a high-quality shower trailer. 

Mesa Waste Services is a leading rental company that supplies mobile bathrooms, shower trailers, holding tanks and sinks. We have a vast clientele base that cuts across industrial, military, construction, commercial, private and corporate organizations.  

We also operate a 24-hour emergency response, so you can always count on us to deliver wherever you want us to be. Whatever your budget is, we have a van for you.  

Contact us now.   


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