For any outdoor and upscale event to be as successful and go according to plan, arrangements for mobile bathrooms and shower trailers to be there is a necessity. You might argue that the venue handpicked for your event have their own restrooms, but will it be enough for the number of guests planning to attend your event? 

Whether you’re planning a musical concert, camping trip, wedding, company retreat, festivals, construction, or government-themed events, a reputable mobile restroom service is what you need to cater to your needs.  

Thunder Showers is a leading nationwide rental service that supplies shower trailers, holding tanks, sinks, portable fences, temporary power, septic services, porta potties, portable restrooms, freshwater systems, and mobile bathrooms for events in locations all over America. Our services cut across military, industrial, private, events, and public sectors. 

All our mobile restrooms are reliable, safe and stylish and tailor-made to support individualized needs.  

We offer affordable, on-time 24hour service, so you can always count on us to be there when you need us. Providing access to a clean and safe public restroom is what we do best.  

We also render disaster/emergency response services, and we can sync well with government and relief organizations to provide supports for survivors of hurricane, flood, earthquake, fire outbreak, etc. 

If you plan on making use of our services for long periods of time, we are with you all the way to make your productive plans a reality.  

For that to happen, you need: 

Request a quote from us  

For us to operate efficiently and be there for your event on time, you need to request a quote from us. The form is pretty easy to fill out in minutes and you’d get a response from us.  

You are expected to state the purpose of your event and the estimated number of attendees, and the number of units you need. You will also provide event address and the delivery date, so you don’t experience hitches on our end.  

There’s a section where you can indicate whether your event venue has an on-site power or water source available or not. Other basic information such as name, company, email address, and phone number will be needed from you.  

If you have never hired a mobile restroom before, and thus have no idea of the number of units you need, there’s no problem. We have a restroom calculator that will provide you with the number of restrooms you need. 

We operate on a strict privacy policy, so, you can rest assured that your information is safe and secured with us.  

Request for quote can also be done via phone call  

On-time delivery.  

As soon as payment and other financial transactions have been completed, we move into action by carrying out checks on all the facilities you need, ensuring they are up and running. Then we provide the additional features you desire and jet off to the destination.  

We make a habit of arriving at the venue on time, ensuring your guests are well tended to.  


Thunder Showers is just what you need to make your event all the more interesting. We are a leading service in the business of procuring mobile restrooms to locations nationwide. Whatever your occasion, you can always count on us to deliver.   


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