Summertime means there are a host of multiday events, camps, and music festivals. With many festivals, part of the fun and experience is camping with your friends and family right next to the venue! Camping puts you right next to the action, saves costs on transportation to and from the event, and creates memories with your friends that last a lifetime. But the main downside of camping, be it at a festival or in the woods, is the lack of a decent shower. Sometimes festivals do have communal showers, but they often are small and cramped experiences, or they are unable to provide hot water for the volume of people using the showers.   

Enter Thunder Showers, the solution to your festival showering needs! A luxury, VIP showering experience, Thunder Showers is a 10-stall shower trailer with private changing rooms with benches and hooks for your clothing. There are five outside sinks with hot and cold water, mirrors, and soap dispensers. Best of all, the trailer has air conditioning and heat and can either be hooked up to a water source at the venue or has a 3200-gallon water tank. The trailer has a 100-gallon propane tank to heat the water, so you don’t have to worry about taking a cold shower, no matter how many people have showered before you!  

Thunder Showers is a great option for individuals who might want to rent the shower for their camping experience or a festival organizer looking to give festival goers a better experience. We are able to accommodate hundreds of people per day which makes Thunder Showers a great option for a festival of any size!  


Thunder Showers is based in Phoenix, but we’ll happily travel to wherever your festival may be; plus, we love festivals and are big music fans ourselves! Contact us today torequest a quote on using our showers at your next festival. 



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