Thunder Showers: Who’s Behind the Shower Curtain?

When you think of portable showers, what comes to mind? Are you picturing a stall with a tarp? Or perhaps a tiny space with barely enough room to move? Most people think of cold water spraying out of a dirty shower head. It’s normal to have concerns about the cleanliness, space, and privacy of each unit. These simple things can seem like luxuries when you’re on the road. However, with more and more people becoming mobile, the desire for a nice, hot shower away from home is seen as a necessity. To fill this need, Thunder Showers, a mobile showering service, was born.

After owning a furniture business for 30 years, Jack Horner decided to retire and start on a new path. This led to the idea of owning a mobile showering business. As Jack did his research, he realized there were a lot of mobile showering units available, but they weren’t all equal. Sure, the mechanics of the units were pretty universal, however the client experience varied.

“I wanted to create an experience where my clients would have their privacy while taking a relaxing shower. I really wanted them to feel like they were getting the VIP treatment.” Jack Horner

With this statement, Thunder Showers is on a mission to bring you a VIP showering experience, no matter where you are.

To give you this experience, Thunder Showers provides a 10-stall shower trailer that is perfect for:

  • Music Events (Country Thunder, Coachella, iHeartRadio, SXSW)
  • Multi-day Events (festivals, camps, and retreats)
  • Corporate Events (staff outings)
  • Emergency Response (military, natural disaster, and forest service)
  • Community Outreach (helping the homeless)

When you use our Thunder Showers trailer, you’ll notice our key features:

  • 5 outside wash basins with hot/cold water, mirrors, and soap dispensers
  • Private rooms with changing areas, benches, and hooks for your clothes
  • Central heat and air conditioning
  • 3200-gallon water tank when water hookup is not available
  • 1300-gallon grey water tank along with 600 gallons fresh water
  • 100-gallon propane tank to heat water

But it’s more than a showering system. Here in the Phoenix area, Jack wants to bring hope to people who are homeless and less fortunate.

“I want to purchase more showering systems to help people in our city. You’d be surprised how something as simple as a shower can help someone feel better.”

To accomplish this goal, Jack will be teaming up with local organizations to provide showers for the homeless and those in need. And, as the severe weather season picks up, the Thunder Showers truck will also hit the road to provide showers for our heroes and first responders.

If you’re on the move, consider one of our showers! Thunder Showers is based in Phoenix, but we’ll happily travel to wherever you need us. Contact us today to request a quote on using our showers at your next event.


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